Manufacturing and Fulfillment


vPersonalize specializes in on-demand technology for apparel and accessories. Our end-to-end, cloud based platform covers the entire fashion value chain from 3D visual design, virtual photoshoot, design automation, multi-commerce gateway, consumer personalization (product customizer), CAD/CAM, order management to production automation.

Our highly scalable architecture supports both brand-to-production and consumer-to-production on-demand workflows. Our technology stack can work with your existing supply chain or you can choose from on-demand manufacturers using our platform. We enable direct-to-garment (DTG) and print-cut-and-sew manufacturers to provide print-on-demand services with their existing infrastructure.

Design Tools For Your Sellers

vPersonalize is your gateway to a more organized, efficient ordering & fulfilment process. Let your sellers design intuitively on your catalog of products, publish the design mocks to their website and sell. Allow as much or as little customization as you prefer. Add end consumer personalization and still go directly to manufacturing without the added cost or time of manual labor.

Let your sellers connect to Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce. Use our process automation to automatically pull orders and generate production ready files of all orders, minutes from purchase!

Use Your Existing Infrastructure,
Make On-Demand

Our automated pattern generation, size grading and nesting means your designs are production ready minutes from purchase! Move from Purchase to Production line in hours. Create retail quality, one-off products, using your existing supply chain!

Discover color matching from design all the way to print. Support for multiple output formats to suit your print workflow: CMYK, PMS, or Custom Spot colors. Our automated Color Correction system reduces errors. Support for multiple printing method frees your production from being tied to a printer, allowing you to easily switch without losing any data in transition.

Connected Storefronts

Connect multiple seller accounts and storefronts with ready plug-ins for Shopify or APIs. Automatically publish product variants and collections to any e-commerce platform. Publish photorealistic 2D renders or live 3D. Support commerce on the web, mobile or in-store kiosk.

We offer enterprise scale for print-on-demand and direct-to-garment manufacturers to services hundreds of storefronts and influencer sites, running thousands of print ready orders a day.

Discover A New World Of Purchase Triggered Manufacturing

Discover industry specific online commerce for apparel, accessories and footwear that you will not find elsewhere - from automated catalog generators that create an entire product page automatically to our patented xDesigner that converts a design from one product to another automatically!

Facilitate real-time design and communication in 3D, exactly as products will be made. Automatically create & publish high resolution design mockups to your website. Full support for all-over prints, full-bleed printing and cut-and-sew manufacturing.

A unified technology platform for
direct-to-garment, print-cut-and-sew:

Connect hundreds of storefronts and influencer sites

Allow as much or as little customization as you prefer

Add end consumer personalization and still go directly to manufacturing without the added cost or time of manual labor

Use existing supply chain to make products on-demand

vPersonalize is at the forefront of revolutionizing the custom apparel industry by merging cutting-edge technology with deep manufacturing expertise. Our vision is to enable our customers to design, collaborate, launch products in real time with their existing supply chain and then make those products on-demand.

We enable apparel manufacturers to tap into the fast growing personalization, print-on-demand and e-fulfillment segment. Find out more today: