Sublimated Sportswear

Automation Platform

When it comes to apparel & teamwear production, lead times matter! Our AI driven CAD supports over a dozen different grading methodologies, revolutionizing on-demand apparel production by reducing cost, time, and resource utilization. With our patented technology, you can save up to 90% in pre-production costs, and go from design to manufacturing in as little as 15 minutes!

We offers the only unified purchase to production automation for sublimated sportswear and sports apparel makers. Using our suite of tools, your customers can create team uniforms in real 3D or personalize your templates with their colors, logo and text, while you can download print ready patterns of the final design with the roster text, graded to size, nested to your roll-width and ready for the production line!

Integrated Design Tools

With a suite of solutions backed by six granted patents, our industry-tested software opens a new era of on-demand production, enabling apparel brands and manufacturers to bring customized products to market significantly faster, expand product lines virtually and manufacture products on-demand.

Publish stock designs or let customers create their own. Using intuitive 3D controls, your customers can easily personalize your template designs to change color, text, or logos. Our AI based xDesigner enables you to create an entire kit automatically!

Production Automation

Experience our unmatched precision from visualization to manufacturing. Automatically create size-graded, nested, print-ready patterns with your customer’s designs. Move 60x faster from design to production, while using your existing supply chain. Direct dropbox integration and an inbuilt OMS enable an on-demand workflow tailored to your unique fulfillment process.

Choice of native Adobe Illustrator AI/PDF vector or rasterized JPG/TIFF output. Advanced Color Management and Color Correction. Directly works with all large format printers and RIP software. Works with all types of visual and vector laser cutters.

Roster Automation

vPersonalize offers the only commercial roster automation solution from design till manufacturing. Streamline data entry with an intuitive interface. Allow customers to input or upload an Excel spreadsheet. Setup grade rules for full variable data automation. Once a design is approved, use automation to generate nested print files, with the team name and numbers, ready for production in minutes.

100% print-ready pattern output with variable data automation, PMS color matching, nesting & barcodes. Accurate size-grading, with support for over a dozen different grading methodologies.

Discover A New World Of Purchase Triggered Manufacturing

Discover industry specific online commerce for apparel, accessories and footwear that you will not find elsewhere. We are a full CAD solution and the only manufacturing-centric apparel product builder. From understanding seam lines and bleed lines, to size grading and automatically flowing images across seams, our patented software ensures that the manufactured product looks exactly like the design on 3D.

We make it possible for our customers to manufacture locally, provide full customization and still deliver made-on-demand, sublimated sportswear quickly and reliably.

The best automation platform for sublimated sportswear:

Go from design to production 60x faster

End-to-end color management

Streamline roster data and print layout

Generate accurate print ready patterns with the design, logo & text grading

Full variable data automation

Allow roster input or upload an Excel spreadsheet.

We understand manufacturing and technology like no other. We are passionate about real-time commerce and are actively building a future anchored in simplifying supply chains and making the journey from design to production seamless and predictable.

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