Welcome to the new world of mass personalization,
made possible with our purchase to production line automation.

Brands realize that personalization is the fastest growing segment, bringing in the highest ARPU (Average Revenue Per Unit) and the lowest product returns. But, most brands shy away from this market because personalization has always been labor intensive, error prone, too expensive for the average buyer or the underlying technology was too expensive to build.

What if we told you, we can offer a turn-key, purchase to production line automation for fully customized apparel, accessory or footwear that can turn your customer’s design automatically into size-graded manufacturing patterns, adjusted for fabric shrink, nested to roll-width and ready for the production line, minutes from purchase? What if we told you, this can work with your existing supply chain without modification?

vPersonalize is the easiest way to design and showcase your products to your customers and then directly create size-graded, production ready patterns for on-demand manufacturing.

Tap into the fast growing Personalization market

Design intuitively in real 3D or flat patterns. Our patented, automatic size and design grading enables visualization of the apparel at different sizes, letting your customers accurately view design changes matching your size chart.

Allow as much or as little customization as you prefer and still go directly to manufacturing without the added cost or time of manual labor.

Our automation ensures that the order is production ready with your customer’s design, graded to size and ready for manufacturing, minutes from purchase!

Higher ARPU with up-sell & cross-sell

Offer personalization on any of your existing designs easily. Our patented AI based automated cross product designer lets your customers visualize a design from one product on another automatically (e.g: Jersey to Backpack or Women’s to kids) at the point of sale, increasing conversion and order value by as much as 400%.

Unique products under your brand’s label keeps customers coming back to your website or store. Personalized products have one of the lowest returns in the industry.

Capture the burgeoning mobile-only millennial audience with our mobile-native solution that delivers unsurpassed performance with real 3D on mobile devices running iOS or Android. Add in-store POS solution for a convergent multi-channel user experience.

Make on-demand

Without automation, fully customized one-off production is just not possible at viable price points or timelines.

Our automated pattern generation, size grading and nesting means your designs are production ready minutes from purchase!

Move from Purchase to Production line in hours. Create retail quality, one-off products, at nominally higher price points, using your existing supply chain!

Automatic compensation for fabric shrink, laser markings, barcodes and support for multiple printing method frees your production from being tied to a manufacturer, allowing you to easily switch manufacturers without losing anything in translation.

Turn-key implementation

Discover industry specific online commerce for apparel, accessory and footwear that you will not find elsewhere – from automated catalog generators that create an entire product page automatically with product images, size charts and product variants (size, color & material), saving you hours of time to our patented xDesigner that converts a design to a different product automatically!

Full turn-key integration into your propreitary e-commerce suite, Magento, Shopify or Woocommerce.

vPersonalize provides the only design to manufacturing automation solution that makes fully personalized, one-off custom production viable. Based on years of research, our patented 3D designer helps you visualize designs in real 3D and our manufacturing automation software delivers size-graded production ready patterns, to create exactly what was visualized.

The future of mass customization is here! With our patented suite of tools, brands can:

Make fully personalized products in days at nominally higher price points

Keep customers coming back for unique products they cannot find elsewhere

Significantly increase order value and reduce returns

Use existing supply chain to turnaround 60x faster

Easily switch factories, fabrics, size charts or geographies without redesign

Capture the burgeoning mobile-only audience with our mobile-native 3D solution for Web, iOS and Android.

Need more reasons?

Full turn-key implementation

we are industry tested, and already work with some of the largest PoDs manufacturers in US and Asia

Patented technology you will not find elsewhere

At vPersonalize, we understand manufacturing and technology like no other. We are passionate about on-demand manufacturing and are actively building a future where supply chains work without any friction and everything from design to production runs predictably and repeatably, every single time.

We are the only full-service technology company that understands apparel manufacturing and software. We can support you with expertise across domains - from software, textile engineering, product development to manufacturing.

We enable brands to tap into the fastest growing mass personalization segment. Find out more today: hello@vpersonalize.com

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