Design and manufacturing automation software for one-off and small batch production of apparel, accessories and footwear.

Using patented technology, proprietary automation and production management techniques, vPersonalize is the first and only platform that allows you and your clients to easily design, visualize, and proof products in real 3D, as they will be manufactured, and then delivers auto-graded, production-ready patterns of exactly what was designed. Now, you can manufacture custom products, personalized individually to different styles, sizes or fabrics, on-demand, without any inventory.

Fully personalized: Custom Size, Custom Design, Choice of fabric.

What does this mean for you? Whether you are a growing decorator, cut & sew printer for sports teams, or a large apparel manufacturer working with professional designers, you can benefit from our single technology platform for design, production and order management that will drastically cut time and costs.

If you manage technology for a retailer, email us at to find out how we can help you drastically compress your supply chain, reduce turnaround, cut inventory costs and still offer more variety!

Own a brand? Offer your customers the power to personalize! Never miss a sale if a customer cannot find the right design, size or fabric at the store. With a virtual stylebook, ensure that products never go out of production. Support an unlimited number of styles and sizes without carrying any physical inventory.

vPersonalize creates cutting-edge software for on-demand manufacturing, supply chain compression and collaborative design using advanced 3D CAD automation, artificial intelligence and other patented technologies. vPersonalize helps designers, manufacturers and brands save time and cost with industry-specific tools across design, e-commerce, automated pattern generation and production management. vPersonalize is an Accel portfolio company.