How It Works

Whether you are a growing decorator, cut & sew printer for sports teams or a large apparel manufacturer working with professional designers, the cost and complexity of procuring multiple software systems from design tools, CAD, pattern making to order management and getting them to work together is a long and tedious journey fraught with uncertainties. Besides, traditional manufacturing automation systems have been out of reach for most makers.

That is why we launched vPersonalize, with a vision to provide a single technology platform across the entire manufacturing life cycle, so you can focus on running your business without worrying about the technology heavy lifting. Based on years of research, our patented real 3D designer helps customers and designers easily visualize products in real 3D, as they will be manufactured and our manufacturing automation software delivers production ready patterns to create exactly what was visualized!

Create stock designs or publish blanks for your customers to design on. Use our patented design automation tools to design once for multiple sizes, products and styles - a huge saving in time and cost, on hundreds of SKUs you didn't have to design, but are still available for purchase. Get manufacturing ready patterns, not spec sheets. Reduce pre-production costs by up to 90% with automated pattern generation, grading, cross product designer, design corrector and more! Work with a wide range of products, from apparel to accessories, soft goods, hard goods, shoes, skate boards, car wraps, seat covers to furnishings, or interactive bike designs!

Let your customers design or personalize in real 3D on the web, take a photo and design on a mobile or personalize with a Facebook app. Leverage our fully managed e-commerce, social commerce, payment processing and production management. Manage and fulfill orders from multiple channels (web, mobile, social commerce) through a single dashboard.

Running team rosters? Want to provide individually personalized corporate merchandize? Use our powerful manufacturing automation tools to create production ready patterns for each size and design automatically.

We understand manufacturing and technology like no other. We are the only solutions partner, who can support you with expertise across domains, from software, textile engineer (pattern making, grading, color matching, RIP) to manufacturing, production and automation.

Grow your business on our deep technology foundation. Grow with professionals that truly understand your business.

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