Production Automation

Ready, Set, Sew.

Reduce cost, time and resources used during a production cycle with our patented technology. Our integrated platform is the only one to offer complete design to manufacturing solution for mass personalization, covering full custom, small batch and cut & sew manufacturers.

Download size-graded, production ready patterns
Using our patented technology, automatically create production-ready patterns with your customer’s designs, graded to size, adjusted for fabric shrink, cut and printing method.

Batch download nested production patterns to optimize fabric usage. Leverage our inbuilt support for silk screen, sublimation and direct to textile printing.

Work with a variety of printing methods
Choose from a variety of file formats from rasterized images, vectors or native Adobe Illustrator file in CMYK or RGB color space.

Cross Product Designer
Leverage our AI based technology to design once for multiple sizes, products and styles instantly.

Design Corrector
Easily fix design errors that your customer may have overlooked, before going to production.

Automated pattern generation, protected by US patents
9345280, 9406172 & 9661886

Get To Market Faster

Stay ahead of competition! Introduce new products fast, with our catalog of patterned, digitized and tested product bundles for sports, backpacks, active wear, designer wear and more.

Need a custom silhouette? Just send us your tech pack and we will take care of pattern making and digitization.

Grow with professionals that truly understand your business.

We deeply understand manufacturing and technology. We know what exactly are the pain points and how to fix them. From apparel engineering, to pattern making to RIP setup and color matching, we can help. Grow your business on our deep technology foundation.