Real 3D Designer for web & mobile

Design online in 3D. Download size-graded manufacturing patterns.

View, collaborate and create complex apparel designs online in real 3D, when illustrations, sketches and text descriptions are just not enough to convey the intricacies of your product. Never lose anything in translation - directly generate production ready patterns from your 3D clothing designer.

360°, Real 3D designer
Design and communicate in 3D, exactly as the product will be made. Develop complicated designs intuitively and effortlessly with our pattern editor and object level controls.

Design, Save, Share and Collaborate
Offer your customers a range of pre-made styles for quick personalization or publish a blank for them to customize from scratch. Use our patented technology to design once for multiple sizes, products and styles instantly.

Meet the most advanced product designer on the planet
Create and Visualize in real 3D. Instantly build your entire product collection across size variants with our patented auto-size grader and cross-product designer. When finished designing, generate size graded, production ready patterns! Don't take our word for any of this, ask for a demo today.

Widest product coverage
Our online 3D designer works with any type of product - from clothing, bags, shoes, interactive bike builder, custom graphics, car wraps, skateboards, sports wear, custom uniforms to home furnishings and hard goods!