Leveraging a portfolio of patented technologies, vPersonalize provides a unified solution for manufacturers, designers and brands with industry-specific tools across 3D design, e-commerce, production management and the supply chain.

Design and manufacturing automation software for one-off and small batch production
of apparel, accessories, furnishings and footwear.


Full Service Manufacturers

  • Optimize product development.
  • Collaborate with clients in 3D.
  • Reduce pre-production costs by up to 90%.

Custom Sports Apparel Manufacturers

  • Personalize products in 3D, as they will be manufactured.
  • Download auto-graded, production-ready patterns.
  • Access tools like roster integration and team pages.

Small Batch Manufacturers

  • Use manufacturing automation and 3D development tools.
  • Get size-graded production-ready patterns.
  • Reduce time, resources & materials used during production cycles.

Custom Footwear Manufacturers

  • Design and visualize products in 3D, as they'll be manufactured.
  • Download production-ready patterns of what was designed.
  • Design once for multiple sizes and products.


  • Use 3D design, auto-grading and cross-product design tools.
  • Access production automation from one unified platform.
  • Collaborate online, in the cloud.

Home Furnishings

  • Design your own home furnishings in 3D.
  • Download production-ready patterns of what was designed.
  • Manage orders, payments and refunds from a single dashboard.

Why vPersonalize?


Patented software you will not find elsewhere

The only design automation solution

Design, share and collaborate online

Pre-configured silhouettes

Size graded, production-ready patterns

Cross product designer & native vector support


The global apparel market is currently worth nearly $1.69 trillion; the US custom manufacturing market alone is $4 billion. 1% of the US custom manufacturing capacity utilizes vPersonalize technology. 2 of the top 20 apparel manufacturers in the US use vPersonalize's technology. Time taken by vPersonalize for a new product setup is 4 to 8 hours as compared to the industry average of 8 to 12 weeks. vPersonalize is the only provider of a unified solution across e-commerce, production management and supply chain for manufacturers, designers and brands. vPersonalize's innovative technology has been granted multiple patents.